SPACE FOR YOU LTD       Creatively supporting Mental Health

Charity No.1168792  Co. no.06858827 is closed until further notice which will come in May 2018. We are moving to 30 Cornwall Terrace Penzance and hope to open in June 2018.


Space for You  offers healing and creative sessions and therapies for people who are feeling vulnerable and/or have mental health issues. 



We help a spectrum of people with various degrees of stress and distress and  welcome people without a need for a referral with the idea of promoting greater health and wellbeing through creativity on an immediate basis. Clients include people going through life changes and challenges and also people with potential or ongoing mental health problems. We are open to anyone who would like to come so long as we feel that we can help them.

If you are representing an organisation and would like to bring a client(s), please let us know before you arrive if at all possible. We give priority to clients and although volunteers or staff from organisations can have a look around there are not usually spaces for volunteers to join classes.

On a day basis we offer Creative Wednesdays Wed from 11am -4pm at Trebartine These are days of creative sessions led by experienced practitioners  and  aimed at promoting good health and wellbeing as well as encouraging people in new artistic and musical skills . Creative  Weds is for particularly for people who are feeling vulnerable and there is one to one drop in body psychotherapy sessions as well as some listening support. Friendly Fridays is about offering encouragement to find different and creative  ways of integrating into community life and taking steps towards employment or volunteering. ( see Creative Days )

On a residential basis we offer Personal Retreats on an individual basis usually for around 5 days. This is a unique opportunity for clients experiencing difficulties who want to make changes in their health and wellbeing. This alternative and slightly challenging respite is an opportunity to look deeper into issues and gain insights whilst expressing the process creatively. A choice of sessiions is available , one for each day. Referrals are not needed on our programmes although we can take them. We cater for people over 16. Some of our staff offer affordable private sessions.


VAL STAGG is a Voice and Singing Tutor She is also a Reiki and Shiatsu practitioner and shamic healer.  She has a qualification in Community drama and music .

ELLENA FRIES is a body based biodynamic psychotherapist. She trained at the Gerda Boyesen Institute

  DIANE SPIERS is an Art tutor and art therapist.

Manages the retreats and is Director

Clare Dyas manages the retreats and is Director

Katrin helps  people on retreat

Katrin helps people on retreat