Music Workshops


You will receive a warm welcome in the music room. We’ll be exploring the possibilities for making our own music, listening and responding to different styles of music, singing, rhythm and movement.

Music is a powerful emotional medium which can both connect with and contain all manner of feelings, from the difficult to the joyous. Music can energise and soothe. Being mindful of this, each session will be safely held, and include opportunities to share our responses to the music.  

We will start each session with gentle relaxation activities to help us relax and ground ourselves; and movement to warm up our bodies and voices.  Movements can be adjusted so that all are included.

We will experiment with creating some ‘sound scapes’ – our own original music where there are no wrong notes only interesting sounds!

Each session will vary with our preferences for that week to listen, sing, move, play and perhaps dance….

The sessions will end with a closing circle and a short guided relaxation.