Our Story

Space For You, Wellbeing

Clare Dyas,


Founder of Space For You

Our Story

I began Space for You, at Sancreed House, in late 2009 in response to a perceived lack in service provision, for a friend with mental/emotional health issues. The help that is available for people with depression, anxiety or lack of self esteem, who are not in immediate crisis, was and is still quite limited. The community cannot always respond in an appropriate and spontaneous way when families or friends may be overwhelmed or stressed themselves, and resources are tight.

We, the Trustees, wanted to offer sessions that were available quickly, to anyone interested, at an affordable price and without the need for a referral. Creative and healing friends helped, and we began offering drop-in creative sessions on Creative Wednesdays for people who felt vulnerable with emotional health issues.

We set up a Community Interest Company in 2010 so that we had an infrastructure and could apply for funding to add to our private funding. Cornwall Community Foundation kindly awarded us over £40,000, over several years, to fund Friendly Fridays, an extra day of sessions in the week. Between 2010 and 2018 we saw about 250 people altogether come to the project.

We found that people who came, enjoyed the sessions and the family type atmosphere, some really benefitted, whilst others became gradually more stable. Some people found it to be helpful as a way to de-stress and get away from the rhetoric in their heads and others found it helped them with their self esteem and coping ability, gradually feeling more able and confident. Many made friends with other clients and found the social side helpful in dispelling loneliness or isolation. One client moved on to study art at college and later became a teacher. The project in general seemed to help anchor people in a creative and friendly community/family setting.  

In 2012 Space for You, moved to Little Kelynack, which was difficult for some people. However it ran there reasonably successfully for 6 years, during which time we became a charity, before closing in March 2018 due to low numbers, with the intention to move to a more accessible place which would allow more people to attend.

We wanted our own building so that we could house our materials, and have a stable base, although it is a luxury. When we found a good place, it took a lot longer than expected to go through the hoops and regulations that were required for a public building.

In moving, we have lost some spaciousness and engagement with Nature, but we now offer sea views and a closeness to the beach by our location on the Penzance Promenade, which could be quite wild in the winter.

Now in September 2019, at 30 Cornwall Terrace, a completely new staff team is taking Space for You forward. We have streamlined our service and now have a manager to make it roll along more efficiently.

As Trustees, we are confident that they will offer the same friendly and welcoming approach and enjoyable workshop sessions, for all who attend.

We welcome clients to come even when they are not feeling great.

We wish the staff and clients an enjoyable onward journey !!!