What We Offer


The reception area offers a warm welcome where you can relax and get to know staff and other clients. It is a place you can always come to if you feel a little overwhelmed during the day, or need to talk to someone. Whilst our aim is to encourage everyone to take part in the activities we offer, we  realize that sometimes people need time and a little encouragement. Our Reception staff have a background of  caring for peoples’ needs and you are always made welcome.

Relaxation and Movement

Sessions begin with a sharing circle and relaxation. What happens next depends on the group, as sessions are conducted in a person-centred way. They may include: gentle stretching exercises, self-healing techniques, guided meditations, shamanic practice, drama and creative writing. All sessions are facilitated in a safe and supportive way.

Music and Song

Sessions vary according to the needs of individuals and aim to help build self-confidence and self-expression through voicework, singing and playing percussion. We offer gentle voice and body warm-ups , vocal techniques, creating soundscapes, singing simple songs and chants, plus rhythm exercises and games. All sessions are facilitated in a safe and supportive way.


There is studio space and encouragement to develop painting and drawing, collage and other techniques with some guidance and help with inspiration.